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Hello, my name is Federico Milella and I'm an Italian / Luxembourgish director.

In the late 90s I attended art schools in Belgium, England and Spain. I then have been an art teacher, camera operator, comic book artist, storyboarder and animator. Good fortune lead me to work with advertising agencies and animation studios from all over Europe.
In 2009 I joined the team of La Fabrique d'Images, where I did direct "Percy’s tiger tales", "Ziggy and the zoo tram" and took part on many other 2D & 3D animated TV series.
I'm currently co-directing my first feature movie called "Bayala".

If you want to know a little bit more about me please feel free to check my resume.

Latest Works

Bayala: the movie (in production)
Feature movie, Animation, 85', CGI, HD. /// Co-director.
Ice Breakers (pilot)
Pilot - Animation test, Animation, 1', CGI, HD. /// Director.
TV Series, Animation, 26 episodes x 11', CGI, HD. /// Co-director.
TV Series, Animation, 52 episodes x 11', CGI, HD. /// Director.
TV Series, Animation, 26 episodes x 13', 2D, HD. /// Assistant Director.
TV Series, Animation, 78 episodes x 7', 2D, HD. /// Assistant Director.



What I Do

01 Movies

02 Comic books

03 Design & Art direction

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